About Logan

    Number 16 or as he is also know as Logan was born on September 12, 1996 and currently lives in Brentwood California. He attends Adams Middle School as an eighth grade student. Logan caught the racing bug while watching a friend race a few years ago. His most frequent comment that day was “that’s cool, I want to do it!” So as they say the rest was history, we were off and racing. The plan was to practice for a year and then start racing, but Logan’s learning curve was fast and two months later we were at our first race!  The following month, at his second race, he won his first trophy (fourth place). Logan continues to practice hard and strives to improve his driving skills each time he gets in the seat.

    Logan has many interests outside of racing. His first goal is to always do well in school, and currently is an honor society student. He has a real passion for computers and while at the track is the go-to guy for any onboard computer problem, laptop download, security problem, networking issues or even satellite setups. As we like to say if it has a button Logan can usually figure it out! Another one of Logan’s interest has become SCUBA diving, and he earned his PADI certification a couple of years ago. He has already been on a few dives in Hawaii and can’t wait to expand to another world. Diving and water activities have always been another passion for Logan. Some of his other interests include travel, surfing, photography, movie making and editing,  We have a chocolate lab named Duke that has become his best buddy. When we are at the track you can usually find the two of them hanging out in the trailer whenever Logan is not out on the track racing. Logan also enjoys volunteering at two local active adult resident centers. He teaches a computer class at one facility and helps out when he can at another.

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