2007 Rookie of the year Kerman Kart Club

2007 Champion HPV 1 Kerman Kart Club

2007 Second place JR. 1 Kerman Kart Club

2007 Second place HPV 1 Atwater Kart Club**

2007 Fourth place Jr.1 Atwater Kart Club**

2006 Jr. 1 Reserve Champion for Stockton Motorplex

**Did not race entire season

During the 2008 season Logan moved up to the Jr.2 full size kart late in August. This move was because of an unpredicted growth spurt that resulted in Logan becoming too tall for his cadet kart. He raced in the HPV2 classes and the Yamaha Junior Super Box class. He has had some wins so far and continues to make improvements in his driving

Logan has had multiple podium finishes at the different tracks he has competed at.

Multiple pole starts in both Jr. 1 and HPV 1 and HPV2 at the numerous tracks he has raced at



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